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Understanding Nevada Laws on Stopping Near School Buses


Accidents involving public transportation and commercial passenger-carrying vehicles can result in widespread and devastating damages. Given the sheer size of these vehicles – which can include trolleys, trams, and buses – and the fact that many occupants do not wear seatbelts, accidents resulting in multiple injured victims or even fatal injuries are not uncommon.

Although any type of auto accident involving public transit or passenger carriers can be tragic, safety offficials and lawmakers place a special emphasis on protecting children and others who ride in school busses. In fact, Nevada enforces several important laws for how motorists are required to share the road with school buses.

Although these laws are in place, far too many drivers fail to obey them simply because they are not entirely familiar with what they’re required to do. Below are a few key points to clarify Nevada law on driving near stopped school buses.

  • There is only one situation in which a motorist can legally pass a stopped school bus that has its flashing lights turned on: when the motorist is traveling in the opposite direction and the road has a physical barrier separating the traffic, such as a median or raised curb.
  • If there is no physical barrier dividing the road – such as if the road is only separated by pavement markings – motorists traveling in both directions must stop for a school bus with flashing lights. Drivers on the same side as stopped school buses with red flashing lights must always stop.
  • Motorists must remain stopped near school busses until lights stop flashing. Illegally passing a school bus is punishable by fines and the possibility of license suspension.

Nevada enforces school bus laws to ensure the safety of children, who may be prone to running into traffic or simply not paying attention to their surroundings after getting off of a bus. Similarly, this is why speed limits are decreased in school zones. Coming to a complete stop when buses are unloading students will ensure motorists do not place them in danger.

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