The Most Common Causes of Distracted Driving

The Most Common Causes of Distracted Driving

Motor vehicle accidents are often the result of human error and largely preventable. Distracted driving is among one of the most common causes of accidents across the country and often result in severe accidents and life-altering injuries. If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by a distracted driver, you need to seek skilled legal representation as soon as possible to ensure you are able to secure compensation for your injuries.

Below is a list of the most common causes of distracted driving:

  • Talking and texting: According to the National Safety Council (NSC), an estimated 26% of all motor vehicle accidents involve the use of cell phones. These devices are so prevalent and many of us have become so dependent on them that, even when our focus should be on the road, too many drivers text, email, or make phone calls.
  • GPS navigational device: There is nothing wrong with using a GPS to get directions that will take you to your destination, but there is something wrong with fiddling around with it while you are on the road. To avoid getting dangerously distracted on the road, it is crucial that you set up your GPS route before you begin driving. This will help you avoid tinkering around with it when your attention should be on your surroundings.
  • Adjusting the music or controls: Speaking of adjusting devices before you hit the road, you should also have the temperature in your car properly adjusted and, if you enjoy listening to music during your drives, prepare a playlist to avoid having to skip songs or change radio stations. Basically, you need to make sure everything is in a condition that will be throughout the entirety of your trip. This will help you avoid having to make any changes that require you to take your attention off the road.
  • Grooming: We cannot always finish primping ourselves at home, so some of us end up grooming while driving, brushing our hair or putting on makeup while trying to drive. This not only requires a driver to take his or her eyes off the road, it also requires one or both hands, creating an even greater risk for a tragic accident to occur. If you really need to finish getting ready in the car, do so once you are parked at your destination.
  • Talking to passengers: It seems only natural to talk to the passenger in your car, but doing so is actually a distraction that can cause an accident, especially if you turn to them every so often when speaking to them. If you do end up chatting with your passenger, make sure you never take your eyes off the road.
  • Zoning out: You might not grooming, texting, or adjusting your GPS, but if you are zoning out, this is a dangerous and terrible habit that can cost yours or someone else’s life. Stay focused and, if you cannot, or you are too tired, pull over someplace safe until you feel ready to drive again.
  • Not looking at the road: There are a lot of distractions that might take your attention off the road, including landmarks or flashy billboards, but this is an immensely distracting behavior that often causes accidents. It might be tempting to gawk at the scenery around you, but if there is something you really want to see, do not do it while you are operating a motor vehicle. This is a recipe for disaster.

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