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The Dangers of Drinking Coffee While Driving

Any kind of distracted driving is dangerous. However, many people fail to notice that they participate in distracted driving activities on a regular basis. In fact, many drivers participate in one of the most dangerous types of distracted driving- eating and drinking. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administrate states the persons who eat or drink while driving increase the likelihood of car accidents by 80%, a statistic worse than drivers who text and drive.

It may be a surprise to you, but your daily cup of coffee may be the most dangerous thing you enjoy on your morning commute to work. In fact, the NHTSA states that coffee is the single most dangerous beverage and food item a person can consume while driving. This is because the article distracts drivers in all three of the distracted driving categories: visual distractions, cognitive distractions, and physical distractions. Below are descriptions of the way drinking coffee while operating a motor vehicles falls into all classifications of distracted driving.

  • Coffee can be a visual distraction.

If you look down to grab your coffee cup, or to manipulate it into the cup-holder, you participate in visual distraction. Although your attention and eyes only be distracted from the road for seconds, your reaction time shortens immensely. In addition, many drivers admit to looking down at their coffee cup when hitting a bump or pothole in the road since these small bumps cause spills.

  • Coffee can be a cognitive distraction.

Drinking coffee while driving can distract you cognitively since you may be thinking about whether your coffee is cool enough to drink, whether you should take a sip at that moment or at the next light, or other matters involving your beverage. Because your mind is occupied with other matters aside from the road, your reaction time may decrease significantly.

  • Coffee can be a physical distraction.

You are physically distracted when drinking coffee and driving since one of your hands is holding your coffee cup, leaving only one hand on the steering wheel. This reduces your ability to react to a road condition or another driver’s maneuvers. Additionally, many people spill their coffee when driving, causing more distraction to the driver.

If You Have Been Harmed by a Distracted Driver

It is important to pursue legal action if you are facing injuries due to the negligence of a distracted driver. You may receive compensation for any medical, physical expenses, and emotional damages you may accumulate as a result. Do not let another person get away for causing you or your family harm.

Our Las Vegas distracted driving lawyers at Shook & Stone are dedicated to serving our clients with experienced, top-tier representation both inside and outside the courtroom. When you choose to work with our firm, you can guarantee that an entire team is working hard to deliver the results you deserve. We put an aggressive team on your side and seek maximum compensation.

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