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Sleepy Truckers: The Dangers of Fatigued Truck Drivers

Sleepy Truckers: The Dangers of Fatigued Truck Drivers

At any time of day, you can count on seeing at least one truck driver occupying one of the right lanes. This is because these motorists are required to make long trips in order to deliver cargo to various destinations. However, these long hours of driving cause truck drivers to suffer mental and physical fatigue. In fact, fatigue is the cause of roughly 40% of all truck accidents, and it creates extremely dangerous situations on roads everywhere.

To create safer road conditions, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has implemented regulations that truck drivers are required to abide by. Below is a list of the regulations designed to make driving conditions safer for everyone by limiting the amount of time a truck driver can operate a vehicle.

1. A driver must take 10 consecutive hours off-duty before driving

2. A driver is permitted to be on-duty for a 14-hour period.

3. Although a driver can work a 14-hour period, a driver must only drive for 10 consecutive hours

4. If a company operates every day of the week, drivers are not allowed to operate vehicles after the driver has been on duty for a 70-hour workweek until the start of a new period.

5. If a company does not operate every day of the week, drivers are not allowed to drive after a 60-hour workweek until the start of a new period.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that “on-duty” time does not refer to the amount of time a driver is operating a big rig. On-duty time refers to any time the truck driver participates in the following types of activities.

  • Any time spent at a facility of the motor carrier or shipper
  • Washes, services, fuels, inspects the vehicle
  • Loads, unloads, supervises the vehicle
  • Handles paperwork for shipments
  • Gives or receives training in a company vehicle
  • Any time a driver works for a motor carrier
  • And more

Although the creation of these rules and regulations was meant to safeguard truck drivers and other drivers sharing the road, some truck drivers do not abide by these rules. Additionally, it is difficult for law enforcement officers to regulate these types of rules. Unfortunately, when truck drivers do not abide by rules meant to keep them from driving overly fatigued, driving becomes a dangerous practice that has the potential to cause serious harm to other drivers.

If You Are Involved in a Truck Accident

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