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Shook & Stone Launches New Mobile Applications for Android and Apple

Apps Shook &Amp; Stone Launches New Mobile Applications For Android And Apple

Our team of Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Shook & Stone are excited to announce our new mobile device application that is now available in the Apple and Android marketplaces! Now, you can be just a tap away from contacting experienced legal representation no matter where you may be. These mobile applications can be found by clicking on the links located below, or through the app store on your mobile device:

  • For an Android version of the app, see this page.
  • For an Apple version of the app, see this page.

How This New App Can Benefit Users

By installing the app, users will have access to our legal team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that if an individual is involved in an auto collision, injured in the workplace, or sustains injuries at any other time, they can contact an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney by tapping a button on their mobile device.

In addition, the application will allow users to perform the following functions:

  • Record details about your accident immediately after an auto collision occurs
  • Write down any details after an accident occurs in the workplace
  • Access your Social Security Disability Report
  • Access a Veterans’ Benefits report
  • Access information about our firm and legal team

Shook & Stone Wants to Service Your Needs

At Shook & Stone, our team truly cares about the needs of the residents in Las Vegas and throughout the surrounding areas. If you or someone you love is involved in an accident, contact our team right away by using these mobile apps, calling our firm at 702-570-0000, or by filling out a free consultation form online right away. When you entrust our team with your case, we will work diligently to examine the details of your accident and determine which strategies can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Over the years, we have recovered billions of dollars in compensation on behalf of our clients. Because we truly care about the needs of accident victims, we handle every case on a contingency-fee basis only. This means a client will never pay a single dollar unless we are able to recover monetary compensation.

To retain experienced legal representation today, contact a Las Vegas personal injury attorney from Shook & Stone today!


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