Myths About Personal Injury Law

Myths About Personal Injury Law

When it comes to the law, many of us often lack experience or familiarity. Myths tend to permeate our discourse, making it difficult to discern the difference between truth and reality. If you were recently injured, however, and are now considering filing a personal injury case, these myths can influence the steps you take moving forward, possibly leading you to make unwise decisions. Do not base any of these important decisions on what you might have heard, whether it came from friends, family, television, or other sources of media.

Take some time to read these debunked myths about personal injury law that are commonly believed:

  • Personal injury attorneys are basically ambulance chasers: In television and on the silver screen, it is not uncommon for personal injury attorneys to be portrayed as unfeeling ambulance chasers who take advantage of the injured. These vilified depictions of lawyers undermine the justice system and often dissuade injury victims from seeking the help they are desperately in need of. The fact is that good attorneys rely on their past successes and reputation to attract clients who need their help. Additionally, many attorneys often gravitate toward this specific area of practice out of a genuine desire to achieve justice on behalf of others, rather than out of greed.
  • Personal injury cases are a long and arduous process: While there are certainly some personal injury cases that can drag on, sometimes taking years before reaching a resolution, this is generally an exception rather than a rule. The reality is that most personal injury claims are able to settle before they have a chance to see the inside of a court room. Even in cases, where a case does begin the process of litigation, parties often decide that it would be better for both sides to settle the matter outside of court. That said, it is crucial to have an attorney assist you throughout this process to avoid the possibility of being convinced into accepting a lowball offer that will not adequately cover the expenses associated with your injuries.
  • A lawyer is not necessary if your injuries are minor: People frequently make the mistake of neglecting to seek legal assistance because they think their injuries are minor and do not warrant a lawsuit. The problem is that sometimes seemingly minor injuries are much more severe than accident survivors initially realize. If you wait too long to see a doctor, fail to consult with an attorney, and later discover that your injuries require treatment, you might end up being responsible for the bills yourself. Why pay for someone else’s mistakes when you could fight for fair compensation?
  • The at-fault party will have to pay out-of-pocket: While it is nice to be concerned for the at-fault party’s situation, despite the fact that his or her negligence caused you pain, you should not be worried about them paying for your compensation. In most cases, the insurance company providing coverage for the at-fault party will foot the bill. This is due to the fact that most of us do not have the assets necessary to pay out the amount of compensation injured individuals need to make a lawsuit worth the time.
  • I do not need an attorney: While you do not have to have an attorney, it is best to have one. Attorneys spend decades understanding a specific area of law, so for someone who has no experience or knowledge of the law to assume that legal assistance is unnecessary, or that they can achieve the same results on their own, is a major mistake.

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