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Attorney John B. Shook Becomes Certified by Nevada Justice Association’s Board of Personal Injury Specialization

John Shook

Recently, the Nevada Justice Association has formed a Board of Personal Injury Specialization. Our team at Shook & Stone is pleased to announce that Attorney John B. Shook has passed the testing process and is now part of the inaugural class of personal injury specialists! In this position, Mr. Shook will be responsible for ensuring that various duties are completed. In addition, he will be required to abide by a strict recertification timeline. These new responsibilities will allow Mr. Shook to continue growing as a successful personal injury lawyer. He is excited to accept the new position and believes this will allow him to become even more responsive and helpful for his clients.

How This Specialization Can Help Clients

According to the Nevada Justice Association, only personal injury lawyers who demonstrate the following are considered and certified by the new board:

  • Superior knowledge
  • Ample amounts of skill
  • Superior integrity
  • Superior professionalism
  • High degree of competence

In addition, attorneys must be able to prove that they have practiced in the area of personal injury for no less than seven consecutive years, three of which must have been in the state of Nevada. Each lawyer who is considered must also be in good standing with the State Bar of Nevada.

These strict guidelines and responsibilities allow the Nevada Justice Association to ensure that only top-tier personal injury attorneys who uphold the standards of professional conduct gain access to such a specialized group. As a result, accident victims and their families can rest easier knowing the lawyers with this certification, including Mr. Shook, are capable of guiding them through a streamlined legal process while practicing compassionate and relentless legal representation.

Hurt in an Accident? Contact Shook & Stone

If you have sustained injuries in an accident, get in touch with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer at Shook & Stone right away. Because we have extensive knowledge in the field of personal injury, our team can help you and your family pursue the monetary compensation you need in as little time as possible. At our firm, we believe every accident victim reserves the right to retain aggressive legal representation, and that is why we offer every person a 100% risk-free consultation. So, don’t wait to secure the legal advocacy you need. Get in touch with our team today!

To discuss your case, call a Las Vegas personal injury attorney at Shook & Stone or fill out a free consultation form online. We cannot wait to improve your current situation!


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