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Are Harmful Toys on Your Local Department Store’s Shelves?

Child with Toys

When parents go out to buy their children toys, they are probably aren’t thinking about the serious injuries their children can sustain due to such products. However, it may be wise for parents to research toys before purchasing the seemingly fun items for their children.

An article titled, “30th Annual Survey Finds Dangerous Toys on Store Shelves,” published by the United States Public Interest Research Group, explains that many of the most hazardous toys are still on the shelves of local department stores. Many of the following types of toys can cause serious injuries or harm to children:

  • Toys that pose choking hazards:

Many toys are made with small items that can be detached from the toys and swallowed by small children.

  • Overly loud toys:

Some toys are extremely loud and can damage the hearing abilities of small children.

  • Toys made with toxic chemicals:

Research finds that many toys are made using harmful chemicals such as phthalates and chromium, which can cause serious illnesses.

  • Strong magnetic toys:

Studies find that small children can swallow small magnetic toys that can cause serious illness and injury.

Has a Harmful Toy Caused Your Child to Suffer Harm?

If your child has sustained injuries, illness, or any other form of harm due a dangerous product or toy, contact our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Shook & Stone right away. At our firm, we believe no child deserves to suffer pain because of a flawed or hazardous toy. That is why we are here to fight for the rights of those affected by such products. When you choose to work with our team, we will understand your case and do everything in our power to help you pursue maximum monetary compensation right away.

Pursue justice for your children by getting in touch with our Las Vegas product liability attorneys at Shook & Stone today. We have been putting clients first since 1997.


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