A Recently Released Study States that Veterans May Have to Wait Longer for Better and More Timely Health Care Services

A Recently Released Study States that Veterans May Have to Wait Longer for Better and More Timely Health Care Services


According to a 4,000-page United States Department of Veterans Affairs study regarding the health care for veterans, many former service members may be forced to wait an even longer period of time before receiving care. This can be detrimental to the health of service men and women of the country, especially those suffering from cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental and health issues.

The study proves that on average, VA facilities cost twice the amount of public healthcare facilities. Researchers believe that this can force some VA facilities to move towards private practices. Additionally, reports state that many of the patients that visit these VA facilities leave unsatisfied with the provided care and services.

Below is how the researchers conducted the study.

  • Interviewed several hundreds of VA and Veterans Health Administration staff
  • Visited 87 medical healthcare facilities in 30 different states as well as Washington, DC and Puerto Rico
  • Conducted a comprehensive and independent assessment of hospital care, medical healthcare services, and other processes throughout VA medical healthcare facilities

Due to the negative results at the conclusion of the study, The Commissions on Care, an independent health care assembly, along with business and government experts, established by the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act, are on mission to review the report and assess the best method to organize high-quality, efficient, and timely services for veterans everywhere. This solution is to be reported to the President of the United States via the Secretary of Veterans Affairs in 2016.

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