5 Frequently Asked Questions About Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits

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Social Security can be a confusing topic for many, and indeed, it can be a rather complex system to navigate. For the benefit of our clients, we have identified five frequently asked questions about Social Security Disability benefits.

Who is eligible for SSD benefits?

People who have worked long enough at a job that is covered under the provisions of the Social Security Act, and who have made regular contributions through their paychecks, may be eligible to collect benefits if they become disabled. According to the Social Security Administration, disability can include any physical or mental impairment, or a combination of the two, that interferes with your ability to work for at least 12 months. A doctor must officially state that you are disabled by providing medical and lab findings.

What process does the Social Security Administration use to determine if I am disabled?

The first part of the process is to apply for benefits. This can be done via phone, mail, online, or in person, or can be filled out on your behalf by an attorney or other representative. Your application will then be sent to Disability Determination Services, who will obtain and review your medical information from your doctors. If they determine you have a disability, they will send back the application and findings to the Social Security Administration so that they can determine the amount you are eligible to collect. If you are not found disabled, you may still appeal the decision.

Can I still work if I am receiving SSD benefits?

Yes, you may still work, but at a greatly reduced schedule.

How long can I receive SSD benefits?

You are entitled to receive benefits until you either a) are no longer disabled, or b) return to work.

Do I need a lawyer for my social security disability benefits claim?

Statistically, people who work with an attorney are significantly more likely to win their claim because experienced lawyers know how to navigate the SSD system. By securing legal representation, you won’t have to wait in long government lines, and your lawyer can ensure that all paperwork and other required documentation is submitted on time and in full. Plus, since SSD cases are handled on a contingency basis, you won’t have to front any costs.

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