1 in 3 Car Accidents Involve Cell Phones, Study Suggests

1 in 3 Car Accidents Involve Cell Phones, Study Suggests

Driver with Cell Phone

Motorists are well aware of the fact that distracted driving places others on public roads at risk of being injured in preventable auto accidents. Despite this, far too many motorists continue to engage in distractions when behind the wheel. Unfortunately – as statistics make clear – these distractions can contribute to car accidents that injure or kill others.

No matter where your commute takes you, it’s likely that seeing a distracted driver texting or talking on a cellphone is a daily occurrence. As a new study from the National Safety Council makes clear, the prevalence of cellphone use while driving has real and substantial consequences. Here is some more information about the study:

  • Using crash reports, police reports, and other available data, NSC researchers estimated that roughly 21% of all auto accidents were caused, at least in part, by cellphone use. Researchers also noted that text messaging while driving contributed to another 6 – 16% of accidents. Based on both these statistics, researchers from the NSC are suggesting that 1 in 3 traffic collisions involve drivers using cellphones.

The study, while new, highlights what researchers and safety officials have been stressing for years: using a cellphone while driving is dangerous and it significantly increases one’s risk of being in an car accident. Because a reasonable person would be aware of the risks involved with texting or using a phone, their actions can be considered negligent should they text or talk on the road. Negligence is a crucial element in victims’ personal injury claims, as it helps establish fault and liability.

Nevada is one of 45 states to prohibit handheld cellphone use and text messaging for all drivers statewide. At Shook & Stone, our Las Vegas car accident lawyers believe these laws are crucial to making our roads and highways safer. We also believe that victims injured in accidents caused by distracted drivers have every right to hold the negligent motorist accountable and recover full compensation for their losses.

Shook & Stone has helped many injured victims and families whose lives have been changed by negligent motorists, including motorists who were using cellphones while driving. Our award-winning team is available to answer any questions you may have during a FREE consultation.