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Truck Accident Liability

Help for Las Vegas Truck Accident Victims

When it comes to legal responsibility, or liability, truck accidents present a unique set of complexities that can make recovering financial compensation all the more difficult. It takes experience with the trucking industry and resources to fully investigate the cause of a truck accident and therefore what party may be held accountable.

At Shook & Stone, we have been representing victims of preventable injuries since 1997. We understand what legal and insurance-related matters come into play with accidents involving large commercial vehicles and can use this knowledge to our clients’ benefit. With a Las Vegas truck accident lawyer from our firm to handle your claim, you can feel confident that we will properly identify all liable parties so we can then seek maximum compensation for your injuries. We are prepared to negotiate or litigate on behalf of our clients in our pursuit of justice.

Potentially Liable Parties

In a truck accident, the number of potentially liable parties is far greater than in a collision involving two typical passenger cars. Fault may lie not only with the truck driver but with the trucking company, the manufacturer of the truck, the company that loads the truck or the owner of the truck or trailer. With all of these parties at play, finger pointing may occur and it will take a dedicated approach to uncover true fault. Some of the parties we may investigate when representing the victim of a truck accident are:

  • The driver of the truck
  • The company or individual that owns the truck or trailer
  • The individual or company that leased the truck from its owner
  • The manufacturer of the truck, trailer or truck parts
  • The shipping or loading company that was responsible for the truck’s cargo
  • The company that hired the driver

We will also consider external influences, other than the trucking company or manufacturer. One potential example is a municipality or government entity that is responsible for maintaining safe roadways. If a truck accident occurs because of a hazardous road, partial or complete fault may lie with the entity that has the duty of designing and maintaining the roads in the area.

Another issue your lawyer should consider is what role trucking regulations (and violations of these) may have played in your collision. If a state or federal trucking law was violated and a collision resulted, this may secure the fact that the trucking company or other at-fault party should be held accountable. In investigating truck accident claims, we always consider trucking regulations and ensure our investigation is thorough enough to uncover potential violations.

Las Vegas Truck Accident Attorney

Why is liability so important? Determining the cause of a collision will help our attorneys uncover what party (or parties) should be held legally accountable. This will be a victim’s source of financial compensation. Truck accidents have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries and therefore exorbitant medical bills, physical therapy and ongoing care. Victims may also suffer ongoing financial losses if they are unable to work or are left permanently disabled. We take determining liability and recovering maximum compensation very seriously so we can help our clients move on with their lives.

Contact a Las Vegas truck accident attorney at our firm to discuss your case.