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Auto Product Liability

Defective Car Parts & Las Vegas Car Accidents

When a dangerous or defective automobile part contributes to or directly causes a car accident, this is an issue of auto product liability. If you were injured in such an accident, the defendant would be the manufacturer of the car part or the manufacturer of the actual vehicle (if different). In some instances, poor maintenance is to blame rather than an inherently faulty car part. To learn the root cause of an accident, a thorough investigation is required. Another factor to consider is whether or not there were any current recalls at the time of the accident or any related accident reports. The Las Vegas car accident attorneys at our firm can assist in these types of cases. If an auto product defect led to you or a loved one’s injuries, call us immediately.

Car Defects to Watch Out For

Currently, there are a handful of auto product defects that you should watch out for. The following factors have knowingly contributed to safety concerns:

Unintended Accelerating
In a few different vehicle models, unintended acceleration has become concerning and also the subject of various vehicle recalls throughout the nation. Some Audi and Toyota models were included in the recalls. Unintended acceleration is caused by a defect in the floor mats of the driver’s side of the vehicle. In other cases, the acceleration was caused by poor pedal placement, cruise control failure and stuck throttles. Any of these factors could cause a vehicle to suddenly speed up without prompting.

Stability Issues
Improperly stabilized vehicles can lead to rollover risk as well as roof crush. Vehicles that are poorly manufactured can more easily roll over in the event of a sharp turn, swerving, etc. Some vehicles sustain serious roof crush in the event of rollover accidents. This happens when the vehicle’s roof is not strong enough to sustain the weight of the rest of the vehicle, putting occupants seriously at risk.

Faulty Tires & Tire Tread Separation
It is not uncommon for tires to pop or lose their tread, so when does a tire become an issue of auto product liability? Vehicle owners should take care to get their tires rotated, replaced and refilled when necessary. If an accident occurs because the owner of the vehicle failed to do these things, it may not be an issue of auto product liability. What can be an issue of auto product liability is when tires are faulty from the manufacturing phase. Also, tires that are sold as new, but have been sitting unused for long periods of time can be an issue of false marketing and lead to an early failure rate.

How can a Las Vegas car accident lawyer help me?

If you were injured in an accident that was caused by a defective automobile part, Shook & Stone may be able to assist you. Our firm is highly experienced in car accident cases in the Las Vegas area and can file claims against vehicle manufacturers as well as car part manufacturers to ensure that victims get the compensation they are entitled to. From reenacting the accident to compiling all the necessary details of the accident to present a persuasive case, our firm always goes to great lengths to protect the best interests of its clients. For a free consultation, please call today. We represent victims of car, truck and motorcycle accidents in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.