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Motorcycle Accident Help in Las Vegas, NV

As a motorcyclist, there is no way to guarantee that you can avoid being in a collision. You can reduce your chances, however, by applying some basic safety tips. If you do become involved in a motorcycle accident, you can take specific steps to seek financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and possibly much more. This page is meant to provide insight regarding the things you can do to protect your wellbeing, as a motorcyclist. In addition to reviewing the information compiled here, you are always welcome to contact our offices for a free review of your case. A Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney can answer any specific questions and offer guidance that applies to your unique claim.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Every bike is different, and a motorcyclist should approach riding in an individual way based on this and other factors, like road, weather and traffic conditions. Following several safety tips, however, can help a rider decrease the chances of being catastrophically injured in an accident.

Select a motorcycle that suits your needs, and take the time to understand your bike. Read the owner’s manual thoroughly so you have a complete understanding of how to operate and maintain your motorcycle.

Take a rider training course. You will need to learn how to operate a motorcycle safely and skillfully, in accordance with traffic laws. Practice riding your motorcycle as much as possible so you are familiar with how it maneuvers.

Always wear a helmet when you ride. Your helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment, as it reduces the extent of head injuries in a collision. Choose a helmet that conforms with federal standards, as proven by the Department of Transportation (DOT) label.

Wear the right protective gear. Protective gear, including a jacket, gloves, boots and pants, can not only help with comfort and protection from the elements when you ride, but can help to reduce the extent of injury in the event of an accident. If this gear is reflective and easily visible, it can also help other motorists see you more clearly.

Obey traffic laws. Never drink and ride, avoid speeding and obey all other traffic laws. These are in place to protect all motorists, including motorcycle riders. Be sure that you are familiar with the laws in your state and county and follow these.

Ride in accordance with current conditions. Be sure to ride with current road, weather and traffic conditions in mind. If it is raining heavily, for example, you should reduce your speed and may find that it is unsafe to take to the road in the first place. Keep current conditions in mind and adjust your speed and maneuvers accordingly.

Never assume a motorist can see you. Many motorcycle accidents occur as the result of visibility issues: a motorist simply does not see a motorcycle and rider before it is too late. As a motorcyclist, you should never assume that other drivers can see you. Ride with your headlight on, and avoid riding in motorists’ blind spots. Drive defensively, as though motorists cannot see you.

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Even if you are an experienced rider and follow all the safety tips listed above, another motorist’s negligence or wrongdoing may cause an accident. In this scenario, your best bet may be to involve a lawyer who can handle your claim and pursue fair compensation on your behalf. For more information and a free, confidential consultation, contact a Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer at Shook & Stone.