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Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

Las Vegas Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Any insurance claim has the potential to be complex, but in our experience motorcycle accident insurance claims can be particularly difficult to deal with. This stems from the fact that motorcyclist injuries are often more severe than injuries to occupants of other vehicles. Aftermarket modifications and parts can also result in undervalued claims. At Shook & Stone, our Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers understand the obstacles faced by a motorcyclist in filing an insurance claim and seeking fair compensation after an accident. We are here to guide our clients through the claims process to seek maximum monetary damages for all their injuries and losses.

From the beginning of the claims process, a lawyer at our firm can offer skilled legal counsel. This may include taking over any and all communication with your insurance company, the other driver’s insurance company, law enforcement and any other applicable parties. Instead of worrying about what to say or what not to say to the insurance provider to avoid having liability wrongfully laid on your shoulders, you can allow your lawyer to handle the talking.

Another aspect of legal representation for a motorcycle accident insurance claim is putting the necessary amount of pressure on the insurance company to offer a fair settlement. Sometimes, simply hiring a well-known attorney can persuade the insurer to make a fair offer, but in many scenarios some negotiation will be required to reach a reasonable number. If a claim is grossly undervalued or unfairly denied or delayed – or the cause of the accident is hotly contested – courtroom litigation may be necessary to resolve the matter.

When our firm takes on a motorcycle accident insurance claim for a client, we are prepared to take whatever approach we believe will yield the best possible result. This may be strategic negotiation or an aggressive courtroom battle. In either scenario, we will use our resources and experience to seek an outcome that is in our client’s best interests.

Recovering the Fair Value of Your Claim

In Nevada, drivers are only required to have $15,000 per claimant in insurance coverage for traffic accidents. Though some motorists may carry additional coverage, those who have the minimum amount may present a serious risk for motorcyclists. Motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to be killed and 5 times more likely to be injured in traffic collisions than passenger car occupants (per vehicle mile traveled, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics from 2011). With catastrophic injuries like spinal cord trauma, severe road rash and crush injuries, $15,000 in coverage may be insufficient.

In these cases, your attorney may be able to seek compensation from your own insurance policy, through an underinsured motorist claim. If you do not have underinsured motorist coverage, there may be other sources from which monetary damages can be sought. This may include real estate, personal property or other assets. Or, there may be a third party, such as an auto manufacturer, who played a role in causing the collision. At Shook & Stone, we take care to investigate every possible source of compensation to help our clients get the medical care they need.

If you are ready to find out what can be done to seek and recover the full, fair value of your insurance claim, contact a Las Vegas motorcycle injury attorney at our firm. Your initial consultation is free and confidential, and you pay no legal fees unless we win your case.