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  • Workers' Compensation. What is it? What Does it Cover?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 2-Oct-2018

    Getting injured at work can cause a huge interruption to your day-to-day life. Not only are you dealing with physical injuries, but you’re also navigating career and financial interruptions. In accordance with Nevada state laws, all private companies that employ one or more people are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. But while workers’ compensation is required in ...
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  • Workers' Compensation Claim is Accepted: What now?

    Posted By Kevin Kampschror, Esq. || 11-Jan-2018

    The insurer has thirty (30) days to accept or deny a workers’ compensation (“WC”) claim filed by an injured worker. Once the injured worker’s claim has been accepted, what next? The insurer will send out the claim acceptance via certified mail, and the claim acceptance will state what body part is accepted under the claim. What body parts are covered is commonly referred to ...
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  • Vocational Rehabilitation: What are my Rights?

    Posted By Kevin Kampschror || 22-Dec-2017

    Vocational rehabilitation (“VR”) is provided to injured workers when their industrial work restrictions become permanent, and the employer cannot accommodate those permanent restrictions. See NRS 616C.555; NRS 616C.590. Not all injured workers are entitled to VR. For example, if a performer in one of the Las Vegas Strip shows injures their foot, and the injury is severe enough that the ...
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  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors: Friend or Foe?

    Posted By Kevin Kampschror || 1-Dec-2017

    Any injured worker whose restrictions become permanent from the work injury they suffered will then be eligible for vocational rehabilitation (hereinafter “VR”). See NRS 616C.590. If the employer is not in the position to offer a permanent light duty offer, the injured worker is entitled to VR. The injured worker will be assigned a VR counselor to begin looking at options of work that ...
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  • Is your light duty job offer valid?

    Posted By Kevin Kampschror || 17-Nov-2017

    Injured workers will frequently be offered light duty work if a doctor has given the injured worker industrial restrictions that the employer is able to accommodate. However, there are requirements of the work regarding the light duty job offer. There is a specific statute that dictates what is required in order for the light duty job offer to be valid. Nev. Rev. Stat. § 616C.475(8) states in ...
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  • #VegasStrong

    Posted By Kevin Kampschror || 30-Oct-2017

    On October 1, 2017, the Las Vegas community changed forever. This was a dark day for Las Vegas, our country, and the world. This senseless act impacted us personally, and will impact countless lives far beyond Las Vegas. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those affected by the attack. We are particularly grateful to those professionals and volunteers who responded to ...
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  • De Facto Denial: The Insurer is not Responding to the Injured Worker

    Posted By Kevin Kampschror || 13-Oct-2017

    Pursuant to NAC 616C.094(1)(a)-(b), within thirty (30) days after receipt of a written request relating to a claim made by an injured employee, an employer, a health care provider, or the attorney or other representative of any of them. . . the insurer, third-party administrator, or organization for managed care shall, in writing, notify the person making the request of its determination ...
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  • Injured on the Job: When did you tell your Employer?

    Posted By Kevin Kampschror || 22-Sep-2017

    Pursuant to Nev. Rev. Stat. § 616C.015, an employee or, in the event of the employee’s death, one of the dependents of the employee, shall provide written notice of an injury that arose out of and in the course of employment to the employer of the employee as soon as practicable, but within seven (7 ) days after the accident. The above law is the notice requirement for the time frame ...
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  • Termination & Workers' Compensation: What If You Get Terminated Before You File a Claim?

    Posted By Kevin Kampschror, Esq. || 15-Sep-2017

    Anytime an injured worker is terminated from his or her employment, the reasons and circumstances are fairly significant. Although workers’ compensation law is not employment law, there is slight “cross-over” if the injured worker is terminated, especially if he or she did not have the chance to file for workers’ compensation benefits. When an injured worker is terminated ...
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  • Important Change in the Law for Injured Workers: Will the Medical Handcuffing Stop?

    Posted By Kevin Kampschror, Esq. || 8-Aug-2017

    As of July 1, 2017, there are many important changes in the workers’ compensation (WC) laws in Nevada. One of the most crucial changes is the right for the injured worker to seek an independent medical examination (“IME”). Prior to this change in the law, NRS 616C.140 allowed insurers to require the injured worker to submit to an IME for whatever and whenever the insurer wanted. ...
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  • The Retroactive Problem with Retroactive Back-pay in Workers' Compensation

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 9-Jun-2017

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. Here is an all-too familiar hypothetical in workers’ compensation (“WC”). The insurer denies the claim, and the injured worker must then go before a Hearing Officer in order to get the denial reversed. Unless the injured worker knows their way around the system and applicable laws, it is always advised to be represented by an attorney at the hearing and ...
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  • Steps to Reopening Your Workers' Compensation Claim

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 26-May-2017

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. Step 1: Are you eligible? Nevada has lifetime reopening rights if you either 1) are off work due to the injury; or 2) received a permanent partial disability (“PPD”). Generally, you must wait one year before reopening if you have received a PPD. See NRS 616C.390. If you were not off work or did not receive a PPD, you must reopen your case within one year. Id. ...
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  • Injured on the Job: Who do you Sue?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 22-May-2017

    By: Kevin D. Kampschror When you get injured on the job in Nevada, you file a C-4 form within ninety (90) days which is a claim for compensation. The doctor you see will fill out the bottom half, and you will fill out the top half. The doctor who sees you will send the C-4 to the appropriate insurance company of your employer. Without the C-4, there is no claim and you cannot receive any benefits. ...
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  • An Independent Medical Evaluation, Can You Obtain One On Your Own?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 12-May-2017

    By: Kevin D. Kampschror Under Nev. Rev. Stat. § 616C.140(1)(a) any employee who is entitled to receive compensation under chapters 616A to 616D, inclusive of NRS shall, if requested by the insurer or employer, submit to a medical examination at a time and place reasonably convenient for the employee, and as may be provided by the regulations of the Division. In other words, you must ...
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  • Work Injuries and Permanent Restrictions

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 17-Apr-2017

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. When a person is injured on the job, hopefully they will recover and get back to the job they were doing. Generally, an injured worker will be given temporary restrictions by a doctor, and then the employer either can or cannot accommodate those temporary restrictions. See NRS 616C.475. Typically the temporary restrictions will continue until the injured worker has been ...
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  • Injured at Work: Can I Sue my Employer?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 10-Apr-2017

    This is one of the most common questions asked when people are injured on the job. The question seems basic, but actually has a two-part answer. The first part is belying a myth about workers’ compensation. You do not ever sue anyone! Not the employer, not the insurance company. A workers’ compensation attorney will act as a guide to make sure you receive all benefits you are entitled ...
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  • Workers' Compensation: Benefits Available Under Nevada law

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 10-Apr-2017

    Workers’ compensation is an essential no-fault insurance system that provides much needed benefits to workers whose work-related injuries or illnesses prevent them from being able to engage in employment and earn a living. Under workers’ compensation, injured employees are eligible to recover medical benefits and benefits for wage supplementation, both of which are essential to a ...
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  • No Workers' Compensation Insurance: What do I do?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 23-Mar-2017

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. When you get injured while on the job you likely just assume your employer has workers’ compensation (“WC”) insurance. But what if they do not? What do you do? In Nevada, you have a few options. The injured worker can always contact their employer and request that the employer pay for the WC claim. However, this could be substantial as it would include ...
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  • Your Right to Select Your Own Doctor: Transfers of Care in Nevada Workers' Compensation Claims

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 20-Mar-2017

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. NRS 616C.090 states in relevant part that an injured employee may choose a treating physician or chiropractor from the panel of physicians and chiropractors and if the injured employee is not satisfied with the first physician or chiropractor he or she so chooses, the injured employee may make an alternative choice of physician or chiropractor from the panel if the ...
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  • You're Fired! Can my Employer Fire me During my Workers' Compensation Case?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 27-Feb-2017

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. This is one of the most common questions I get when people come to retain my services. As with many other areas in law, it depends. There are a couple of procedural things to keep in mind. First, if you have been released to a full duty work status, your employer can terminate you at will, with no consequences. However, any remaining workers’ compensation benefits ...
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  • Permanent Partial Disability ("PPD") Rating: Are you Entitled to One?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 15-Feb-2017

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. NRS 616C.490(2) states that within thirty (30) days after receiving from a physician or chiropractor a report indicating that the injured employee may have suffered a permanent disability and is stable and ratable, the insurer shall schedule an appointment with the rating physician or chiropractor selected. . .(emphasis added.) In other words, if you may have a permanent ...
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  • Can the Adjuster Communicate with your Doctor Behind your Back?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 27-Jan-2017

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. NRS 616D.330(1)(b) states that “An insurer, an employer, an organization for managed care, a third-party administrator, or the representative of any of those persons, the Nevada Attorney for Injured Workers or an attorney or other compensated representative of an injured employee shall not initiate. . . Any written communication relating to the medical disposition ...
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  • Your Claim is Now Accepted, so why is the Insurance Company Refusing to Pay Your Back Wages?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 17-Jan-2017

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. An all-too common scenario is where an injured worker files a claim, is denied, and then the injured worker is forced to go to court to fight the claim denial. This could be months from the actual date of injury. Once a Hearing Officer reverses the claim denial (you win), the Insurer must then accept the claim. If there is not motion for stay filed, the Insurer must ...
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  • Reimbursement for Mileage in 2017

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 17-Jan-2017

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. Under the law in Nevada, any injured worker who traveled to an authorized doctor’s office either 1) more than twenty (20) miles one way, or 2) for a total of forty (40) miles or more during a week period shall be reimbursed for the mileage. See NAC 616C.150. That reimbursement rate is the same rate the IRS sets for mileage reimbursement for that particular year. In ...
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  • What you need to know about Workers' Compensation Claims Adjusters

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 3-Jan-2017

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. Everyone knows that doctors and lawyers have to go through extensive schooling and training. Everyone also generally knows that cosmetologists and nail technicians also need to obtain licensing in order to practice. What everyone does not know is that there is no licensing requirement for workers’ compensation adjusters in Nevada. There is no requirement from the ...
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