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  • Do Bars and Liquor Stores Have a License to Kill?: Dram Shop Liability in Nevada

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 13-Mar-2017

    Nevada law immunizes bars in Nevada from liability arising from actions of their patrons after having been served or sold alcohol. In most situations, no matter how intoxicated a person becomes, his/her age, or how many drinks a bartender serves, a business is likely not liable for any injuries or damages caused by that conduct. Policies like this make Nevada attractive to bars, restaurants, and ...
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  • St. Patrick's Day DUI Facts

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 11-Mar-2015

    It's no secret that holidays are times for celebration, and as such, see a measurable spike in the number of alcohol-related arrests, accidents, and injuries. While many holidays see these increases, there are some that see more than others, especially holidays that are deeply and culturally associated with drinking. St. Patrick's Day is a prime example of a "drinking holiday." ...
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  • National Transportation Officials Release List of Top Safety Concerns

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 20-Jan-2015

    Transportation is a crucial part of the American economy, and it's something a lot of us interact with as part of our daily lives. Because transportation is such an integral asset to communities across the country, the federal government goes to great lengths to regulate different areas of the industry - including transportation on land, sea, and air. One of the federal agencies responsible ...
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  • Super Bowl Sunday, Sobriety Checkpoints and DUI Arrests

    Posted By Shook & Stone, Chtd. || 4-Feb-2013

    While Las Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World every day of the year, events such as Super Bowl Sunday attract even more party-goers than usual. Due to the higher likelihood of drinking, the Las Vegas Police Department announced a series of sobriety/DUI checkpoints throughout the city. Sobriety checkpoints statistically save thousands of lives a year by arresting drunk drivers ...
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  • One Dead, Two Injured in Las Vegas Drunk Driving Accident

    Posted By Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer || 17-Apr-2012

    One person was killed and two others were hurt in a Las Vegas car accident, which officials say was caused by a suspected drunk driver who was driving on the wrong side of the road. According to an Associated Press news report, the fatal car accident occurred on the U.S. 95 near Ann Road. Nevada Highway Patrol officials say a Buick sedan, driven by a 45-year-old man, was hit head-on by a Ford ...
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  • Safety Tips to Help Prevent St. Patrick's Day Drunk Driving Accidents

    Posted By Las Vegas, NV Injury Attorney || 15-Mar-2012

    If you plan on celebrating with family or friends this St. Patrick’s Day, please make sure that you or someone you know is not leaving the party in their vehicle while under the influence so as to prevent a serious auto accident. There are several options available to Las Vegas drivers on holidays. You could appoint your own designated driver, such as a sober friend or family member. Or you ...
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  • Deadly Super Bowl Weekend on Las Vegas Roadways

    Posted By Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney || 9-Feb-2012

    Five people were dead in a string of car accidents in Las Vegas over the Super Bowl weekend, KTNV news reports. Officials say that the number of car accidents, fatalities, and DUI arrests were higher this year than they were last year during the Super Bowl weekend. Authorities are concerned about this spike despite the many checkpoints that were set up as part of the enforcement efforts by local ...
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  • Las Vegas Girl Fatally Struck by Drunk Driver While Trick-or-Treating

    Posted By Shook & Stone, Chtd. || 12-Nov-2011

    A 12-year-old girl was killed in a Las Vegas car accident, which police say involved a driver who was speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs. According to a CBS News report, the fatal pedestrian accident occurred in Las Vegas Halloween night. Officials say the young victim was trick-or-treating with her aunt and cousins when a 2009 Mazda RX-8 struck her. She was ...
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  • Safe Driving Tips for Labor Day Weekend

    Posted By Shook & Stone, Chtd. || 2-Sep-2011

    The Labor Day weekend, which unofficially marks the end of summer, is notorious for drunk driving incidents. According to The Las Vegas Sun, 45 DUI arrests were reported in southern Nevada just during Labor Day weekend in 2010. Anyone who has to travel during a holiday weekend would be well advised to practice safe driving habits. Here are some precautions you could take to avoid DUI crashes ...
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  • Elderly Man Killed in Las Vegas DUI Crash

    Posted By Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer || 16-Aug-2011

    An 82-year-old man was killed and his wife was seriously injured in a Las Vegas car accident involving a driver who was reportedly under the influence. According to a KTNV news report, the DUI crash occurred at Charleston and Jones in Las Vegas. The elderly couple was making a left turn in a Lincoln Towncar when a 29-year-old man drove his car through a red light and struck their vehicle. The ...
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