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  • Reimbursement for Mileage: How Can it Possibly be in Dispute?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 6-Dec-2016

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. Under the law in Nevada, any injured worker who traveled to an authorized doctor’s office either 1) more than twenty (20) miles one way, or 2) for a total of forty (40) miles or more during a week period shall be reimbursed for the mileage. See NAC 616C.150. That reimbursement rate is the same rate the IRS sets for mileage reimbursement for that particular year ...
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  • Utilization Review Boards in Workers' Compensation: Your Ticket to Nowhere

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 11-Nov-2016

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. If you were to see your own doctor under your own health insurance, would you give consent to another doctor, who has never seen you or met you, to look at your records and give a medical opinion about what you do and do not need? Would you then consent to that mystery doctor being able to modify your own doctor’s treatment plan, at times including things like ...
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  • Injured Workers and Their Own Medical Records

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 10-Nov-2016

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. It is likely that you will not get a copy of your medical records when you visit the doctor on your own. Therefore, you may not think it is important to get a copy of your medical records during your workers’ compensation (WC) case. Not so! I would recommend that you do get a copy of your medical records during your WC claim. The reason is you want to know what the ...
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  • Shook & Stone Reviews: Thousands of Satisfied Clients!

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 24-Oct-2016

    At Shook & Stone, the satisfaction of our clients is always our number one priority. We are humbled to have earned a number of glowing client testimonials over the years. Here is a sampling of some of the things our clients are saying about their experience with our firm: “From our first meeting, I was deeply impressed with the sense of caring and compassion for my medical issues shown ...
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  • The Immigration Problem in Workers' Compensation

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 21-Oct-2016

    By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq. Here is a hypothetical: a farming company decides to temporarily employ Mexican citizens to do farming and agriculture work at a heavily discounted labor rate of $11.37 per hour. The farming company paid for the H2-A visa and also provided bunk-style housing. As you could guess, this form of labor is likely much cheaper than hiring United States citizens for this type of ...
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