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  • How to Choose Safe Halloween Costumes for Your Children

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 29-Oct-2015

    With Halloween just a few days away, costumes have become one of the biggest topics of conversation. While some are purchasing their costumes, others are making them at home. Regardless of what costumes your children choose to wear, it is important to ensure the costumes are safe to avoid unnecessary injuries. Unsafe costumes can lead children to suffer severe harms. Some of the most common ...
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  • The Dangers of New Auto Safety Technologies

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 22-Oct-2015

    The car industry is growing rapidly and so are the available safety features and technologies. But, can this be a problem for new car buyers? Research shows that many persons have voiced their confusion and overwhelming feelings regarding the massive amounts of safety technologies that are now available in vehicles. Before, only high-end, more expensive models came with adaptive cruise control, ...
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  • Helpful Tips for Halloween Safety

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 15-Oct-2015

    Halloween is a holiday enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you have plans to take the children trick-or-treating, attend a costume party, or hit the town for some Vegas fun, it is always important that you make safety a priority. Just as with any holiday, Halloween sees higher rates of preventable accidents, injuries, and deaths than most other days. To help keep you and your loves safe come ...
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  • A Recently Released Study States that Veterans May Have to Wait Longer for Better and More Timely Health Care Services

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 7-Oct-2015

    According to a 4,000-page United States Department of Veterans Affairs study regarding the health care for veterans, many former service members may be forced to wait an even longer period of time before receiving care. This can be detrimental to the health of service men and women of the country, especially those suffering from cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental and health ...
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  • Proving Premises Liability

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 5-Oct-2015

    Premises liability is an area of law that applies to cases where victims suffer harm on someone else’s property. To put it simply, premises liability requires property owners to make reasonable efforts to provide safe conditions to visitors and guests. Public businesses and private residences must abide by premises liability laws in order to keep guests free from preventable harm. When they ...
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