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  • VA Changes Simple Process & Makes it More Complicated - Go Figure

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 30-Mar-2015

    For years veterans who disagreed with their VA disability claim decision were able to let the Department of Veterans Affairs know in a very straight forward way. They picked up a pen, some paper, and could write almost anything to the effect of “I disagree with your decision”. And that simple process was how to file a Notice of Disagreement. Unfortunately, the VA decided that process ...
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  • Las Vegas Pedestrian Accidents & Fatalities on the Rise

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 24-Mar-2015

    Las Vegas is home to bustling streets filled with tourists, locals, and everything in between. In a city filled with round-the-clock distractions for both motorists and others on the road, traffic accidents are an everyday occurrence. According to statistics and safety experts, Las Vegas is also seeing a rise in accidents involving pedestrians. Vegas may not be the most dangerous place in the ...
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  • Statement of Case & VA Disability Claim Appeals

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 16-Mar-2015

    When appealing a rating decision by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), it is important that you get the Statement of Case. If you have never appealed a VA rating decision before, chances are that you do not know what a Statement of Case is and why it is so important. The Statement of Case is a required document that the VA must send out when a veteran appeals their case. Its purpose is to ...
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  • St. Patrick's Day DUI Facts

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 11-Mar-2015

    It's no secret that holidays are times for celebration, and as such, see a measurable spike in the number of alcohol-related arrests, accidents, and injuries. While many holidays see these increases, there are some that see more than others, especially holidays that are deeply and culturally associated with drinking. St. Patrick's Day is a prime example of a "drinking holiday." ...
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  • Veterans Disabilities: Gulf War Syndrome

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 9-Mar-2015

    Following the Persian Gulf War many soldiers returned home experiencing the onset of a myriad of unexplained conditions. 645,550 troops were deployed to the Persian Gulf during the war and according to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), nearly 1 in 5 display symptoms recognized as presumptive illnesses related to Gulf War Syndrome. Some of these illnesses include: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ...
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  • Federal Regulators Research Changes to Tired Truck Driver Regulations

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 2-Mar-2015

    Commercial trucks are massive machines that pose a danger to everyone on public roads and highways. Because their weight and inability to maneuver quickly makes trucks legitimate hazards, state and federal regulators are constantly looking for ways to ensure trucking companies, vehicles, and drivers are safe. This is why they enforce numerous regulations, including hours-of-service rules designed ...
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