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  • Can Electronic Onboard Recorders Prevent Truck Accidents?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 30-May-2014

    Operating a tractor trailer isn't easy, especially if you're tired. According to the researcher, truck drivers who accurately record their hours of operation are less likely to cause traffic accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates drivers' hours of service, but some employers still pressure drivers to operate tractor-trailers to the point of ...
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  • Drug & Alcohol Use by Truck Drivers

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 29-May-2014

    It is well known that driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs greatly increases risks of being involved in a traffic accident. Being impaired can affect muscle coordination, judgment, and reaction time – all crucial skills for anyone behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. When an impaired driver is behind the wheel of a massive commercial truck that can weigh as much as 80,000 ...
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  • Wrongful Death: Nevada Supreme Court Bars Claim for Wrongful Death

    Posted By Nevada Personal Injury Attorney || 23-May-2014

    On April 3, 2014, the Nevada Supreme Court, in a 3-0 panel decision, ruled against the heir of a man who was fatally assaulted in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Following the incident, the man's estate and three of his four children brought wrongful death actions against Wal-Mart. Thereafter, a fourth child brought a similar but separate action against Wal-Mart for his death. The case went to trial ...
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  • May Is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 23-May-2014

    May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, so we at Shook & Stone have provided five helpful tips all motorcyclists should use when riding on our roads and highways. Motorists also need to play their part in traffic safety and share the road with motorcyclists. When both drivers and motorcyclists are committed to safe driving, many accidents can be avoided. Share the Road The National Highway ...
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  • Las Vegas: One of the Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 21-May-2014

    A national study recently reconfirmed that Las Vegas is one of the most dangerous cities for pedestrians. The study was issued by the National Complete Streets Coalition and Smart Growth America. While not the most dangerous city for pedestrians in the nation, Las Vegas did come in at the top of the list. The study ranked Las Vegas 13 th in most dangerous cities for pedestrians. Some Statistics ...
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  • Nevada Governor Declares May Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 19-May-2014

    Motorcycle riders are some of the most vulnerable people on the road and are often injured or killed in traffic accidents. Because the statistics surrounding motorcycle accidents and injuries are so alarming, safety advocates go to great lengths to remind the public about the importance of sharing the road. As part of this effort, cities and states throughout the country have declared May to be ...
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  • Truck Accidents Caused By Tired Drivers & The Rights of Injured Victims

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 15-May-2014

    Truck drivers and trucking companies have a legal responsibility to keep others on public roadways safe from preventable harm. Because trucks and commercial carriers have the potential to cause serious injury-causing accidents, there is an elevated need for trucking companies and their employees to make safety a priority. While there are many regulations and laws in place to ensure that trucking ...
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  • Car Accident Investigations by Las Vegas Police, Attorneys and Insurers

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 14-May-2014

    When a serious car accident occurs, it is not always evident which driver (or other party) may have been at fault. And even when fault seems easy to determine, it must be proven if a victim is to seek financial compensation from the responsible party. There are a number of steps in any car accident investigation that can help determine cause and therefore liability. Law enforcement will conduct an ...
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  • What is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 8-May-2014

    Some of the most common questions our Las Vegas car accident attorneys hear from injured victims and families looking to file personal injury claims after an auto accident involve the value of their claims. How much is my case worth? What compensation will I be able to recover? The answer, unfortunately, is not always easy to provide. This is because each case and client is unique, and because the ...
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  • Fans Injured During Stampede After Mayweather-Maidana Fight

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 5-May-2014

    Authorities have stated that approximately 50 people were injured in a stampede that occurred after the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Marcos Maidana on Saturday night, May 3 2014. According to officials, the stampede began shortly after the fight at MGM Grand Garden Arena. 50 fans were injured and 24 were taken to the hospital after fans rushed into the MGM's Garden Walk ...
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  • Workers' Compensation in Nevada: Frequently Asked Questions

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 1-May-2014

    If you were injured on the job in Nevada, there is a good chance that you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Workers' comp can provide financial relief to people who cannot work while they are recovering from a job-related injury or illness. Many workers rely on these benefits to make ends meet during recovery time, which is why following proper procedure is paramount. To help ...
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