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  • Workers' Compensation: Not a Civil Affair

    Posted By Nevada Personal Injury Attorney || 26-Mar-2013

    The workers' compensation act was passed in response to perceived inefficiencies and inequities of the law in providing remedies for injuries in the workplace. Previously, an employee's only recourse for on-the-job injuries was to sue his or her employer. The employee was required to prove that the employer was negligent and that this negligence caused the worker's injury and that he ...
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  • Debunking the Myth of Full Coverage Auto Insurance

    Posted By Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney || 15-Mar-2013

    In all truth—It is virtually impossible to purchase “full coverage auto insurance” in the insurance marketplace. This comment is not intended to cast negative comments upon any automobile insurance company. In fact, many auto insurance companies do a fine job of serving their policyholders. The point being made is, if an insurance person tells you they are selling you full ...
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  • Lane Splitting / Driving Abreast

    Posted By Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney || 11-Mar-2013

    "Lane Splitting" refers to the act of riding a motorcycle or similar vehicle between lanes in the same direction traffic. It also refers to the act of overtaking or passing other vehicles, without regard for lane boundaries. In Nevada, it's illegal for a motorcycle or moped to move between moving or stationary vehicles occupying adjacent traffic lanes. NRS 486.351(1) . Similarly, ...
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  • Nevada's Mandatory Helmet Law

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 7-Mar-2013

    Helmets have been proven to help prevent serious head injuries and brain trauma. In fact, statistics show that helmets save lives. While it is recommended that all Nevada residents wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle or a bicycle, not all riders are legally required to do so. It is important that all Nevada riders follow the law and actively seek out ways to better protect themselves in case ...
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  • Did Your Auto Insurance Company Offer You Medical Payments Coverage?

    Posted By Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer || 4-Mar-2013

    In Nevada, insurance companies must offer purchasers of auto insurance "coverage in an amount of at least $1,000 for the payment of reasonable and necessary medical expenses resulting from an accident." See NRS 687B.145(3). This coverage, also known as "Medical Payments Coverage", must be offered on a form approved by the Insurance Commissioner, and a copy of the form must be ...
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  • Not Your First Time?

    Posted By Shook & Stone || 1-Mar-2013

    Many claimants file multiple applications for disability benefits when they are no longer able to work. However, for whatever reason, they do not follow up on the first application, or maybe even the second application. It is not until they fully understand the process that they realize that they can appeal the initial and reconsideration determinations and request a hearing with an administrative ...
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