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Personal Injury Blog

How You Can Prepare for Your BVA Hearing

When you are preparing to go to the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) to have your hearing the most important thing is that you go in prepared. After you receive your notice from the Department of ...
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Watch: Researchers Record Distracted Teens Involved in Crashes

The month of April is officially known as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month - an important time of year that can help us remember just how dangerous driver distraction is. In America, for ...
Continue reading "Watch: Researchers Record Distracted Teens Involved in Crashes" »

Panel Proposes Overhauling Military Retirement & Tricare

A panel put together to review the military’s compensation and retirement systems has come forward with their list of 15 proposals, with most of these proposals focusing on retirement and ...
Continue reading "Panel Proposes Overhauling Military Retirement & Tricare" »

Shook & Stone Strongly Opposes AB 229, and Urges You to Help Us Protect the Rights of Nevada's Workers

Shook & Stone has represented workers with their workers’ compensation claims for nearly twenty years. We remain on the lookout for dangerous legislation that threatens our clients in this ...
Continue reading "Shook & Stone Strongly Opposes AB 229, and Urges You to Help Us Protect the Rights of Nevada's Workers" »

Hiking Safety Tips

With Spring now upon us many of those who love the outdoors, myself included, will be prepping their packs for the first hike of the season. When hiking, there is nothing better than finding a path ...
Continue reading "Hiking Safety Tips" »

Spring Break & Distracted Driving Crashes

Spring break is in full effect at high schools and colleges around Las Vegas and other areas of the country. This means more students will be letting off some steam with parties, vacations, and ...
Continue reading "Spring Break & Distracted Driving Crashes" »

VA Changes Simple Process & Makes it More Complicated - Go Figure

For years veterans who disagreed with their VA disability claim decision were able to let the Department of Veterans Affairs know in a very straight forward way. They picked up a pen, some paper, and ...
Continue reading "VA Changes Simple Process & Makes it More Complicated - Go Figure" »

Las Vegas Pedestrian Accidents & Fatalities on the Rise

Las Vegas is home to bustling streets filled with tourists, locals, and everything in between. In a city filled with round-the-clock distractions for both motorists and others on the road, traffic ...
Continue reading "Las Vegas Pedestrian Accidents & Fatalities on the Rise" »

Helpful Tips to Prevent Driver Distraction

Distracted driving has become one of the most concerning dangers on public roads. Although driver distraction has been around for as long as there have been automobiles, today’s level of ...
Continue reading "Helpful Tips to Prevent Driver Distraction" »

Statement of Case & VA Disability Claim Appeals

When appealing a rating decision by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), it is important that you get the Statement of Case. If you have never appealed a VA rating decision before, chances are ...
Continue reading "Statement of Case & VA Disability Claim Appeals" »

St. Patrick's Day DUI Facts

It's no secret that holidays are times for celebration, and as such, see a measurable spike in the number of alcohol-related arrests, accidents, and injuries. While many holidays see these ...
Continue reading "St. Patrick's Day DUI Facts" »

Veterans Disabilities: Gulf War Syndrome

Following the Persian Gulf War many soldiers returned home experiencing the onset of a myriad of unexplained conditions. 645,550 troops were deployed to the Persian Gulf during the war and according ...
Continue reading "Veterans Disabilities: Gulf War Syndrome" »

Federal Regulators Research Changes to Tired Truck Driver Regulations

Commercial trucks are massive machines that pose a danger to everyone on public roads and highways. Because their weight and inability to maneuver quickly makes trucks legitimate hazards, state and ...
Continue reading "Federal Regulators Research Changes to Tired Truck Driver Regulations" »

How You Can Protect Yourself From Drunk Drivers

Mention the city Las Vegas and many people have the image of the glimmering lights on high-rise luxurious hotels, located up and down Las Vegas Blvd. The Strip attracts tourists to come and stay in ...
Continue reading "How You Can Protect Yourself From Drunk Drivers" »

Shook & Stone Launches Veterans Disability Practice

Shook & Stone is pleased to announce that our firm has launched its new veterans disability practice! Our new VA practice is designed to help disabled veterans in Las Vegas and across Nevada ...
Continue reading "Shook & Stone Launches Veterans Disability Practice" »
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