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What is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

Posted By Nevada Personal Injury Attorney || 8-May-2014

Some of the most common questions our Las Vegas car accident attorneys hear from injured victims and families looking to file personal injury claims after an auto accident involve the value of their claims. How much is my case worth? What compensation will I be able to recover? The answer, unfortunately, is not always easy to provide. This is because each case and client is unique, and because the trajectory of a case may also affect its value.

At Shook & Stone, our legal team strives to recover maximum compensation for our clients. We also do our best to help them understand their rights and what damages they may be eligible to recover. While we may not be able to give an exact dollar amount for the value of a car accident claim, we can work with clients to help them understand what type of damages they may be eligible to receive.

Although each car accident case will vary, injured victims may be able to recover financial compensation for the following:

  • Economic Damages – Economic damages are any type of financial losses victims and families suffer as the result of their car accident. This can include the cost of medical treatment, projected future medical care, lost work wages and future earnings, funeral expenses, and others.
  • Non-Economic Damages – Non-economic damages are a little more difficult to estimate or equate into dollars. These damages refer to the emotional injuries victims and families can experience after an accident, such as their loss in quality or enjoyment of life, loss of emotional support, pain and suffering, and mental anguish, among others.
  • Punitive Damages – Punitive damages are awarded in certain cases where victims are injured by wrongdoers who commit acts of oppression, fraud, or malice. Generally, this means egregious or intentional misconduct. For example, punitive damages may be awarded to victims injured in drunk driving accidents, as driving under the influence is clearly a negligent, illegal, and dangerous act. Punitive damages are not awarded in every case.

If you have questions about the potential value of your car accident claim, our personal injury lawyers can review your case and explain the compensation you may be entitled to recover. Should you choose to work with our experienced legal team, you can be confident that you will have proven advocates on your side fighting for the full compensation you deserve.

For more information about your rights after a Las Vegas auto accident, call 702-996-6066 for a FREE consultation.

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