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How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

Posted By Shook & Stone || 12-Aug-2013

One of the most common questions people ask after being involved in a car accident is "how much is my claim worth?" Truthfully, no two cases are the same. It is near impossible to determine the total value of a claim upon first look and without extensive review from insurance adjusters. Even insurance adjusters can get it wrong. Because insurance companies operate like most businesses, they want to lose as little money as possible. This can result in a much lower settlement amount than you deserve.

This is where having a car accident lawyer is helpful. Having an outside professional who is on your side can result in additional areas of compensation which you were not being offered previously. The attorneys at Shook & Stone determine compensation on the following major factors:

  1. Vehicle Estimate: The value of your vehicle pre-accident should be taken into account in addition to the total cost of repairs.
  2. Split or Shared Liability: Percentage of liability plays a large factor when calculating the total cost of damages. For example, if you were partially at-fault, this could reduce your recovery.
  3. Bodily Injuries: Any injuries that you or your passengers sustained in the accident should be accounted for. We can conduct a review of medical records to calculate the total cost of medical expenses.
  4. Noneconomic Damages: Many car accident victims are also entitled to noneconomic damages such as emotional injuries or pain and suffering.

There may also be additional factors that contributed to your car accident that went unnoticed before, such as road defects and vehicle defects. Our law firm can investigate every detail that could possibly have led to your accident. We will pursue maximum financial compensation on your behalf. To learn more, call a Nevada auto accident attorney at Shook & Stone today.

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