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Understanding Nevada's Helmet Laws

Posted By Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney || 18-Aug-2011

Helmets have been proven to help prevent serious head injuries and brain trauma. Statistics show that helmets save lives. While it is recommended that all Nevada residents wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle or a bicycle, not all riders are legally required to do so. It is important that all Nevada riders follow the law and actively seek out ways to better protect themselves in case of an accident.

Under Nevada Statute 486.231, all motorcycle riders must wear protective headgear. The law clearly states that everyone in Nevada must wear a helmet whether they are a driver or a passenger, a minor or an adult. Nevada motorcycle riders must wear a protective face shield on their helmet if their motorcycle does not have a protective transparent windscreen. It should be noted, however, that not all motorized cycles require helmet use. Only riders on motorcycles that can travel over 30 miles per hour are required to wear protective headgear.

In Nevada, you are not legally required to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. Only bicyclists under the age of 17 on the Duckwater Indian Reservation or the Reno/Sparks Indian Colony are required to wear a helmet. All other riders, children and adults alike, are allowed to ride without a helmet.

Properly fitting helmets can help absorb the impact sustained during a collision. Every year many people suffer fatal head injuries or catastrophic brain injuries because they fail to wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet will not only offer you protection in the event of a crash, but also demonstrate that you are a safe rider and that you took every possible precaution before getting on the roadway.

However, motorcycle and bicycle accidents occur despite precautions and safety measures. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle or bicycle accident in Nevada that was caused by a negligent driver, call the skilled bicycle accident lawyers in Las Vegas at Shook & Stone at (888) 662-2013 for a free consultation and comprehensive case assessment.

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